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Space Specifications:

Since the opening of Studio Flöz in 2013, there have been numerous rehearsals, workshops and fine arts/performing arts events on our 150 square metres - for short-term, temporary works like these, Studio Flöz is up for rent.

The studio’s yard is accessible by trucks with a maximum width of 3m. The studio is directly accessible from the court yard.

  • base 150 m2
  • removable dance floor 13,2 x 10,7 m
  • ceiling 3,16 – 4,75 m
  • absolute daylight
  • white working light by fluorescent tubes
  • mirror, curtain
  • floating floor
  • underfloor heating
  • wheelchair accessible
  • 2 showers
  • 2 restrooms
  • kitchen
  • heating
  • power plant
  • washing machine
  • Download Floor Plan
Studio at night
Studio Kitchen
Studio open space



Approx. six evenings sessions per year in Berlin

Friday 23th September 
Friday 2nd December
6 - 9 pm
A four days workshop will take place in january: 19, 20, 21, and 22, more information coming soon!

Led by: Valentina Bordenave

These sessions welcome dancers, actors and anyone with movement experience.

Tuning the senses and space feelers into movement creation -
A unique combination of Contemporary Dance and Alexander Technique.
With the help of the Alexander Technique, each session starts out by tuning our self-perception.  In experiencing the anatomy we find a strong connection to the natural spiral energies running through the body.   Discovering deep states of awareness allows us to develop our understanding of the body mechanics and from here, technical dance practice is integrated with the personal creative potential through improvisations. The result will be a joyful and sensitive dance experience, feeling our centre as an infinite source of gentle strength and powerful softness.  
Fee: 25€ / class
Limited to 15 participants
To reserve your place please sign up in the doodle list below. Be sure to cancel if you realise you can't make it!